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Product Code :PJT12A-001



Bismuth germinate Bi4Ge3O12 commonly abbreviated as BGO, is the crystalline form of an inorganic oxide with cubic eulytine structure, colorless, transparent and insoluble in water. When exposed to radiation of high energy particles or other sources, such as gamma-rays, x-rays, it emits a green fluorescent light with a peak wavelength of 480nm, with its high stopping power, high scintillation efficiency, good energy resolution and non-hygroscopes, BGO is a good scintillation material and has found a wide range of applications in high energy physics, nuclear physics, space physics, nuclear medicine, geological prospecting and other industries.


4.0mmx3.5mmx60.0mm 75.0mmx75.0mmx30.0mm
95.0mmx95.0mmx10.0mm 95.0mmx95.0mmx6.0mm
50.80mmxL25.40mm 25.4mmx50.80mm
50mmx50mmx20mm 5mmx5mmx20mm

Technical parameters:
The property of BGO Crystal

Density (g/cm3) 7.12
Peak of fluorescence spectra (nm) 480
Light output(ph/Mev) 8000 around
Energy resolution(%) 12
Time resolution(ns) 300
Afterglow(3ms %) 0.005
Chemical stability Good
Hardness (Mohs) 5


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