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scintillator crystal

Ce:YAP scintillator crystal

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Ce:YAP is a kind of fast scintillation crystal with good performance. It has high light output, fast decay time, and good thermal stability, mechanical properties and chemical stability.Ce:YAP scintillation crystals are mainly used in the fields of rapid gamma-ray detection, animal PET scanning system, electron imaging (SEM), high energy physics, medium and low energy X-ray two-dimensional imaging, etc.

Property of our CsI(Na)
Density (g/cm3)                               5.40                   
Effective atomic number                  39
Emission peak(nm)                         370
Hygroscopicity                                 No
Hardness (Mohs)                             8.6
Melting point(℃)                            1875

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QQ: 17656473

Phone: 13816704237

Tel: 021-61531868

Email: 17656473

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