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scintillator crystal

NaI(Tl) scintillator crystal

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Tl-doped sodium iodide NaI(Tl):It is most widely used in all the scintillation materials especially used in Environmental monitoring,radiation monitoring,oil exploration and nuclear medicine. It has the maximum light output in all the scintillation crystals.

Types:Blank and Aluminum encapsulation
stock size: Dia:1.0”xL1.0”, Dia: 2.0”xL2.0”
Max size for cylinder: Dia:150mmxL400mm
Max size for rectangular solid: 100x100x400mm

Property of our NaI(Tl) crystal:
Density (g/cm3)                                    3.67
Light output(%NaI:Tl)                          100
Hygroscopicity                             Deliquescent
Energy Resolution (%)                        7.3
Emission wavelength(nm)                  415
Hardness (Mohs)                                 2 


QQ: 17656473

Phone: 13816704237

Tel: 021-61531868

Email: 17656473

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