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scintillator crystal

CsI(Tl) scintillator crystal

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Thallium doped cesium iodide, CsI(Tl), Its light output is 85% of that in NaI(Tl). Its emission spectrum has a broad band at 350-700nm and a peak at 550nm. Its emission spectrum can match well with SPD so that the read out system can be simplified.  

Types:Blank and Aluminum encapsulation
Max blank size:40mmx80mmx200mm
Shapes: cylinder, rectangular solid, disk
The thinnest thickness will be 0.2mm

Property of our CsI(Tl) crystal:
Density (g/cm3)                                4.53
Light Output to Nal(Tl) (%)                47
Radiation length                             1.86
Decay time(ns)                              1000
Emission peak(nm)                         550
Hardness (Mohs)                             2


QQ: 17656473

Phone: 13816704237

Tel: 021-61531868

Email: 17656473

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