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scintillator crystal

Plastic scintillator

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SP101 series plastic scintillator is a kind of blue light type plastic scintillator, mainly used for measuring γ-rays, X-rays, muons, etc. It is formed by thermal polymerization of styrene monomer with POPOP, p-triphenyl and other luminescent materials. Compared with other scintillator materials, the price is low, and it can produce very large volume products.Our products can be made into different geometric shapes, such as: board, sheet, block, rod, column, ring, etc., can also be customized according to the user's size, and provide different reflective materials and packaging.

Property data sheet of plastic scintillator(SP-101)

Density(g/cm3) 1.023
refractive index(%) 1.58
temperature range(℃) -40~55
softening point(℃) -75-80
light output(of NaI %) 20-30
decay time(ns) 2.4
wave length of Max. emission 423
principal application     X-ray gamma ray

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QQ: 17656473

Phone: 13816704237

Tel: 021-61531868

Email: 17656473

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